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CLIENT: The Heracles Group

Traverse City Web Design is pleased to announce a new site launch for an amazing organization.  We recently designed a new website for The Heracles Group, the United State’s NGO for Syrian reconstruction.

Lead by 24 year veteran of US Military Intelligence – Luke Calhoun, The Heracles Group is currently the only Western non-profit currently working on the ground in Syria to help rebuild the country.  They are starting with building 40 schools,  parks and playgrounds around the country, helping with local municipal projects, and building multiple hospitals around Syria.

They love the website we made for them – shown here.   You can also visit them at The Heracles Group website and see the site in action.   It features a full mobile-friendly design with a full, custom donation system.  Because this website will also be one of the major funnels for money into Syrian reconstruction, we put several layers of tight security and multiple redundant live backups in place so the website is VERY, VERY strong.

We are excited to see what this organization does in the future.  They are poised to lead the United State’s effort for reconstruction in Syria, with plans to push into other war torn areas in the world.

Thanks to Marc Shade and his agency, 2 Acre Studios for their development work on the site.  They are a great web development agency and we enjoy working with Marc Shade on any project we are fortunate to have him collaborating with us on.

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