Web Design Portfolio | Music House Museum

The Music House Museum, located about 5 miles north of Traverse City, Michigan has been named one of the ‘Top Ten Attractions’ in Michigan by Forbes Magazine, so we were excited to design their new website.

Their existing website, while good when it was made, needed an update. It wasn’t mobile friendly and was constructed of simple, static web pages which didn’t allow for more advanced functionality.

For their new website we put them on a more current platform that let us add a number of interactive features. The new site showcases a fully functioning, 256-bit secure store that lets visitors purchase admission tickets, make donations and become paid museum members online.

The website is also mobile friendly, or responsive, changing shape to ‘conform’ to whatever device the visitors are looking at it on. The site literally looks differently on an iPhone, a tablet or a desktop.

It is optimized for search engines and the museum’s Marketing Director has access to robust visitor statistics and website diagnostic tools. The site is also easy enough to use that she can make text updates and add events and news articles without having to call us.

All in all, the new website solves a number of issues they had and will work as great promotional and informational tool for the organization. It is robust enough to present all the information they need now as well as being capable of growing in the future.