Top Search Engine Results for Recent Website Launch – King Orchards

Update: A month after King Orchard’s launch, they are #4 in the world in Google for “Buy Cherries Online”.   

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We’re very happy to announce another search engine victory for Traverse City Web Design, LLC.  And more importantly, an online victory for one of our clients – King Orchards.  They are one of the internets top purveyors of natural cherry juice.

We created and launched a new, full eCommerce site for them and it took off in search engines like Google right away.

As you can see from the image on the left, the new webiste captured top rankings for top keywords like “Buy Michigan Cherries” (ranked number #1 and #2 in Google as of the time of writing this) and “Buy Northern Michigan Cherries Online” (Ranked #1 – #4 as of the time of writing this).

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