Web Design Portfolio | Rent a Chicken

We just launched a new website for Rent A Chicken – a northern Michigan based urban farming company.

Their business is unique. If you live in a city and want to experiment with urban chicken farming – or live anywhere for that matter, and want to experiment with chicken farming – Rent A Chicken will rent you a chicken coop, chicken food, and two egg laying hens so that you can have a fresh supply of farm fresh eggs throughout the spring and summer months.

It’s the perfect idea for people who want enough fresh eggs for themselves, their family and all their neighbors, but don’t want the hassle of having to winter chickens.

They will deliver the whole setup right to your yard!

When the idea of urban chicken rental hit the media it spread like wildfire. Rent A Chicken was featured in a host of national publications like the New York Times, Modern Farmer magazine, NPR’s Marketplace, as well as a number of local Michigan news sources.