New Website & Logo Design: The Morgan Corporation

New Website & Logo Design
The Morgan Corporation

We created a new website and logo for a Chicago-based manufacturing sales company.

We created a minimal and highly functional website and logo design for a Chicago-based manufacturing supplier – The Morgan Corporation. The website is built on a search engine-friendly WordPress website foundation with a custom, responsive theme.

There are a couple additional features that also help make this website a gem. The first is a large, full-motion video on the front page. This creates an immediate impression and shows the kind of large machinery The Morgan Corporation deals with. It’s also very cutting edge and people are just starting to use this effect. This makes them seem like a leader in their industry.

The second great feature is a ‘Logo Carousal’ at the bottom of the page. This shows all the companies they represent – both domestically and internationally. Each company has a page on their website. This not only helps legitimize The Morgan Corporation in the eyes of visitors to the site, by associating them with major international manufacturers, it also literally creates a larger site for them (over 20 pages) which will help them rank much better in search engines than with a smaller website.

The Morgan Corporation’s website is mobile-friendly, as you can see in the image below. It’s also fully optimized for search engines and connected to a robust statistics and diagnostic tool-suite which gives a wide variety of information about their website visitors and site health.

Finally, we also created a new logo for the Morgan Corporation. They presented us with a palette and we presented them with several designs. We then worked together to sculpt a final logo, which we’ve also posted below.

Michigan Website Design and Logo Design by Traverse City Web Design - The Morgan Corporation

Michigan Website Design – The Morgan Corporation

Here are the full-page and mobile-friendly versions of the website.



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