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Custom Websites That Shine

We design custom websites that give organizations distinct, engaging identities in the digital world.  The sites we develop grow our client’s customer base and increase their sales.

Whether your a small, northern Michigan business in need of a new website, or a national corporation looking to take your existing website to the next level, Traverse City Web Design can be your reliable partner for effective online solutions.

Michigan's Premiere
Web Design Agency

We build, host and manage websites
for clients in Michigan and beyond.

We design, develop and manage websites for clients in Traverse City, Michigan and across the country.  We create new websites, we host and manage existing websites, and we get websites great ranking in search engines. 

  • Tailor-Made Websites: Our expert team customizes websites to perfectly match your brand, ensuring a unique online identity.
  • Expanded Customer Base: Experience growth in your customer base as our websites are strategically designed to attract and engage your target audience.
  • Sales Boost: Elevate your sales with our high-performing websites that are optimized for conversion and user satisfaction.
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings: Gain visibility on top search engines like Google and Bing, enhancing your online reach and visibility.
  • Michigan Design Heritage: Our designs reflect a deep appreciation for Michigan’s design heritage, ensuring a touch of local authenticity in every website.
  • Monthly Hosting and Maintenance Packages: Choose from our thoughtfully curated packages to keep your website current, visually appealing, and ranking high on search engines.

Custom Tailored Web Solutions

Our website design services encompass the creation of new websites and the enhancement of existing sites – all delivered to help grow your bottom line.

Our portfolio spans the gamut – from small, local mom-and-pop businesses nestled in the heart of northern Michigan, to  clients like the US Army, banks, oil companies, national charities, A-level entertainers, law firms and major institutional holding companies with a global footprint.

With each project, we channel our undivided attention and two decades of industry expertise, ensuring that every client receives a gorgeous custom website that befits their unique requirements.

Top Web Design Agency
in Northern Michigan

We bring 20 years of experience to every website we design and develop

The benefits of getting a beautiful custom website are multifaceted: we empower our clients with increased leads, an expanded customer base, and a boost in sales.

Our websites are more than just visually appealing; they are meticulously crafted help accomplish specific goals online.  This could be excelling in search engines, selling more products, legitimizing your company in the eyes of new customers, gathering new leads and more. 

We construct a wide variety of websites, ranging from very sophisticated eCommerce platforms to simple, elegant brochure-style websites tailored for businesses just starting their online adventure.

Hiring us is easy. Simply reach out through our convenient online form or via email, detailing your specific needs and interests.  We will get back to you to setup up an initial phone call or meeting where we can talk about your project and answer any questions you might have.

Web Design & Hosting

Michigan Based Website
Management & Hosting

We host, manage and update websites.

We offer comprehensive website management and maintenance services on a contractual basis.

Our dedicated team oversees the seamless operation and continuous enhancement of websites for our clients. This entails performing regular updates, ensuring optimal functionality, and alleviating the concerns associated with website management.

Traverse City Web Design offers three levels of hosting services, each packed with essential features to keep your website safe and running smoothly. With daily backups, your data is always secure, and daily virus scans ensure that your site stays protected from online threats. We also include search engine monitoring to help boost your visibility online.

Plus, our hosting services come with firewall and SSL security measures to keep your website safe from hackers. With Traverse City Web Design’s hosting services, you can trust that your website is in good hands, giving you peace of mind to focus on your business.