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In Michigan, eCommerce is evolving.  More companies are processing more online transactions.   At Traverse City Web Design we create and manage all kinds of eCommerce situations.  If you are looking to sell things online – products, memberships – or take donations, we can help.

Recent Store Case Study: ChurchBiblePublishers.com

eCommerce Means Many Different Things

From full webstores to simple forms.

eCommerce Services

  • WooCommerce Development
  • Shopify Design
  • SquareSpace Installation
  • Square Console Setup
  • Mobile Payment Setup
  • Online PCMI Compliant Credit Card Processing
  • 256-Bit SSL Security Setup
  • Live Shipping Rate Setup from UPS, USPS, Fedex
  • Live Customer Chatting and Ticketing Support Systems
  • SMS Store Notifications
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Social Media Integration
  • ShipStation Integration
  • PayPay Integration
  • Authorize.net Configuration
  • Membership and Booking Systems
  • Franchises & Multiple Locations
  • Drop-Shipping Setup Store Setup & Inventory Mangement
  • Country Specific Sales, Taxes and Shipping
  • International Sales & Shipping

eCommerce means simply completing monetary transactions online.  It’s a pretty broad definition and can look a number of different ways on a website.  

An eCommerce website could be a full, complex online webstore like Amazon – where inventory management, credit card processing, shipping rates and taxes are all automated.  It could be an online / offline credit processing system for a large events or arts organization.   Or it could be a simple donation form on a church or non-profit website. 

We have created eCommerce systems for businesses at all levels – from adding a few products onto a small mom-and-pop store’s website, to full 10,000 product webstores.  If you’re interested in getting started on a new webstore – or just want to incorporate a simple, new eCommerce element into your existing website – contact us today and let us know what you’re interested in working on.


Here are two websites we’ve made as showcase sites to show potential clients how eCommerce websites work.  They are both live webstores that process credit cards, get shipping rates and have ALL the bells and whistles.   

The first site, Northern-Collective.com is connected to a printing company where orders are routed and products are created and shipped on demands to buyers as they are ordered so we don’t have to stock, or touch, any products.

The second is SplendidPuppy.com – a profitable dog gift and supply store that routes orders to a drop-shipper.

Visit Our Brand Store: Northern-Collective.com

Northern-Collective.com is a fun store we created to sell products based on graphic design we’ve done.  While it’s more of a fun project for our design crew – we have some great designs there – it also feature some top end eCommerce tools to process and secure orders.

Visti Our eCommerce Showcase Store: SplendidPuppy.com

We created SplendidPuppy.com as both a profit-making dog gift and supply store, and a showcase store to show off some of the more advanced eCommerce features we can incorporate into stores we design and develop.  

It’s a great example of the type of full-scale eCommerce webstores we create.

eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce Web Design Portfolio

Here is a gallery of eCommerce work we have done for clients.  Over the years, we have designed and developed eCommerce websites of all kinds.   If you want to see something specific, let us know, we’re happy to accommodate you.  We also ran the #1 online coupon website in Detroit for 5 years, so we included two (of the hundreds) of social media coupons we created for Detroit area businesses. 

eCommerce Portfolio