New Website for Leelanau Christian Neighbors

We’ve designed, built and launched a couple new websites for big, benevolant non-profits in Leelanau, Michigan in 2018.   The first was the new website for the 150th anniversary of the Leland United Methodist Church in gorgeous Leland, Michigan.  The second was a great new website for Leelanau Christian Neighbors.  They are a large charity food pantry that helps distribute food, supplies and financial assistance to the people of Leelanau, Michigan.

They have a great facility just outside Lake City, and it was a joy to go and see them.  We love how the website turned out, and so do they!  Not only does it look great, but it’s a solid WordPress site which means it serves as a really good base for any growth they have, or extra requirements they might need of their site (like selling tickets on it for their last fundraiser, letting people choose for different ways to support the organization, and collection monetary donations and volunteer forms online.

We loved building this site, for this wonderful charity.