Traverse City Web Design, LLC.

Traverse City Web Design is a boutique web design and online marketing company headquartered in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. We’re a small, agile group of experienced creatives that build and manage websites for clients in Michigan and across the United States.

Some of our clients have included:

  • Birdland Jazz Club in New York City, New York
  • Conductor, Maestro Kevin Rhodes
  • Carter’s Kids National Charity
  • Morgan Corporation in Chicago, Illinois
  • RSVP Jet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Four Winds Creative in San Jose, California
  • Sunset Watersports in Traverse City Michigan
  • Porterhouse Productions in Traverse City, Michigan
  • Traverse City State Bank in Traverse City, Michigan. . . and many more.


Traverse City Web Design History

The Traverse City Web Design story starts in New York City, in 2001 when the company’s founder, Ray Weigel IV, left corporate web design and began doing freelance website and search engine optimization work for the city’s theater and jazz scene.

We started with clients like Birdland Jazz Club, Jim Caruso, Billy Stritch, Avenue Q, The American Songbook Project and many other entertainers, talent agencies & production companies. We created websites and email newsletters and social media marketing campaigns that sold tickets and got performers better and better gigs across the country.

Eventually moving closer to family in Northern Michigan in 2003, we started working with local Michigan businesses to help strengthen and build the state’s economy at the grass-roots level. We worked hard to develop highly functioning websites for Michigan based companies, as well as continued to maintain close relationships with our national clients.


Traverse City Web Design Today

Now, over 10 years later, we’re happy to say we’re still designing websites in Northern Michigan and still have many of those early clients.   We haven’t stopped honing our design skills and are still helping companies discover new ways to use the internet better.

While based in Northern Michigan, our reach has expanded across the country with clients as far and wide as New York City, San Francisco, Florida  and the Caribbean; and of course, all over our home stomping ground – the state of Michigan, the heart of the Midwest.

We’ve designed websites for banks, oil companies, manufacturing companies, corporate entities, and have built large e-Commerce stores.  We’ve also worked with many, many entrepreneurs who are just starting to get their businesses rolling.

We still build new websites and online applications for new companies, individuals and institutions, but also manage, administer and improve existing websites and social media identities.

If you’re looking for a new website, or just want to find out how your business can thrive on the internet, just send us an email.

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Traverse City Web Design Philosophy

We like clean, bold web design, and draw our inspiration from many sources – from fine art to contemporary web and graphic design trends, to the stunning natural beauty of Traverse City, Michigan and the surrounding countryside.

As a boots-on-the-ground web design and marketing company, we get deep into the website code, text and social media of the websites we work on, bringing the entrepreneurs and business owners we partner with consistent and tangible results they can take pride in.

Not only do the websites we create look good, but they function well, perform great in search engines and are built so that they can grow in the future, evolving and growing as your company evolves and grows.


Michigan Web Design Principals

Traverse City Web Design is a Michigan based, highly focused web design & marketing team. Our small size lets us work closely with our clients, move fast and be flexible. Our team has been making websites since the beginning of the internet in many different capacities. Together, we bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion to every web design project we take on.

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