Website Design & Branding: Local Detroit Coupons

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Local Detroit Coupons

New Website, Branding and Website Management for Michigan’s #1 Independent Coupon Website

When Detroit, Michigan based company Laura’s Card hired us to work on their website it was basically non-functioning. It didn’t work in search engines. It was cumbersome. It wasn’t converting visitors into members, and it wasn’t mobile friendly.

We changed all of that. We redesigned their logo, created a brand new website for them, changed the look and feel of their coupons and gave their business a new lease on life.

Their website is currently the #1 independent coupon website in the Detroit and Ann Arbor area.

The logo was relatively simple – we used a soft font and came up with the logo below. For the website, we needed a web design that could display a lot of coupons in an easy to read layout as well as a robust membership system that could handle their thousands of members.

We’re not going to lay out the specifics of how we put it together, but suffice it to say, we did and you can see their great new website at the link below. Additionally, we got them first place rankings for the words “Detroit Coupons” in Google.

We’ve included a gallery of additional images – graphics, coupons, and more – to show some other aspects of the work we did for them. Also, because of all the coupons, the website is very large. We’ve truncated the image to the right a bit so it would fit in our portfolio, please visit their site for the full size version.

If you find yourself in the Detroit area, sign up for some great free coupons!

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