Snow Panorama Photo from Interlochen, Michigan

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Interlochen, Michigan Snow Panorama

Digital iPhone Photography from Traverse City Web Design in Northern Michigan

At Traverse City Web Design, web design is our first love. However, a close second is taking photos that capture the transcendental beauty of Northern Michigan.

With the recent mobile phone revolution that has swept the world (24% of people that view this website are using smart phones of some kind) it has become easier and easier for anyone to photograph the world around them. We find this especially true when you are fortunate enough to live somewhere as beautiful as Northern Michigan.

This picture of Interlochen, Michigan was taken with the panorama photo function of an iPhone 5. Then, it was put through SEVERAL different filtering apps to pull out a rainbow color and create the subdued aesthetic. This photo was taken near Interlochen State Park in Northern Michigan. The actual photo is MASSIVE!

This is the sublime beauty of Northern Michigan deep in the heart of Winter with a little graphic design magic added. Click the image below to see a larger version of the photo.

Snow Panorama Photo from Interlochen, Michigan


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