New Website: Kim Murray, Wellness Consulting in Traverse City, Michigan

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Michigan Web Design: Murray Wellness

New Website Design for Kim Murray and Murray Wellness

We design and build websites for companies of all sizes, from banks and oil companies to people just starting their own small businesses and everything in between. The new website we designed for Kim Murray and Murray Wellness falls into the later category. Kim is a very motivated nutritionist who was starting a new chapter in her life opening her own business.

Kim needed a website that looked good, presented her competencies in the fields of nutrition and wellness counseling, performed great in search engines and synched up with her email marketing service (Mailchimp). She also wanted a website that she could update regularly with blog posts about nutrition, wellness and organic recipes.

The site we designed for her did all those things.

We built the site upon a WordPress framework which gave her the ability to make minor updates herself as well as write regular blog articles and post recipes. We made sure it looked great on mobile phones and tablets, optimized it for search engines, and chose a clean and inviting design scheme and color palette. You can see the results below or visit Kim’s website at: Visit Murray Wellness

Michigan Web Design: Murray Wellness

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