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Traverse City Web Design is a small, Northern Michigan based website design and development agency. We specialize in web design, website development and search engine optimization with an eye toward mobile website design, WordPress development and email marketing.

Our web design and search engine optimization clients stretch across across the country, and we pride ourselves on being one of Michigan’s top web design and search engine optimization companies.

We work closely with the businesses that hire us to create beautiful new websites, maintain and update their existing websites and optimize their websites to get great rankings in Google.  With over 15 years professional web design experience, we’ve helped many local and national businesses create better and more efficient websites, and as a result, grow and prosper.

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Traverse City Web Design's Website Development Portfolio - Michigan WordPress Design, Mobile Website Development
Traverse City Web Design's Graphic Design Portfolio - Michigan Graphic Design, Logos, Banners, Web Graphics
Traverse City Web Design's Photography and Digital Art Portfolio Rock and Roll photography in Northern Michigan

Traverse City Web Design
Web Design, Graphic Design & Photography Portfolios

We’ve done A LOT of professional design work over the years – in Michigan and across the US. Our focus is website design and search engine optimization, but in making websites for companies we’ve also done a wide variety of print and digital graphic design work. Because of that, we’ve split our portfolio into three sections.

1) Our Website Design Portfolio focuses specifically on websites that we’ve designed and built. 2) Our Graphic Design Portfolio is full of logos, mailings, banners and other professional graphic projects. 3) Our Photography Portfolio is more artistic than commercial, but we OFTEN draw on our repository of photos to help inspire and create our professional designs.

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Michigan’s Best Web Design and SEO

Whether your web design project is big or small, whether you want to take on an email, social media or online marketing campaign, or even if you just want to learn a few new ways to bring more traffic to your website – our highly experienced team of local, Michigan web design professionals can help create a solution that’s right for you and your business.

The first step is contacting us and letting us know what you’re working on. Just fill out the contact form on the right and we’ll get back with you shortly.


“Three years ago, we brought in Traverse City Web Design to create our website for Carter’s Kids. We are a non-profit that builds playgrounds all over the country and our website is a vital part of showing what our playgrounds look like and how people can donate to our cause. Thanks to the design professionals at Traverse City Web Design, we constantly receive compliments on the information and easy usability that our site provides.”

- Quay Chilcott, Executive Director of Carter’s Kids


Traverse City Web Design
Website Hosting, Administration, Updating & Management

Need to add an image or change some text on your website? Need to transfer a domain name, move your website, find affordable web hosting? Traverse City Web Design can help.

From posting images, articles and videos to keeping your website and social media outposts updated with the latest and most relevant company info, you’ll find the knowledge, professionalism and care we take in updating websites and social media a welcome antidote to the confusing world of internet marketing.

We also host and administer websites and manage domain names through our hosting company, Northern Michigan Hosting. This allows us to provide everything our clients might need when for their websites – affordable web hosting, eCommerce infrastructure, email accounts, domain names and more.

If you need your website updated or need help administering a hosting account or domain name, contact us using the form on the Traverse City Web Design contact page or send us an email at Info@TraverseCityWebDesign.com


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Traverse City Web Design
Michigan’s Organic Search Engine Optimization Experts

We use time-tested, ‘organic’ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to get our clients top page rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and a host of other search engines. Organic search engine optimization means making subtle, but very specific changes to the website’s wording and underlying code to propel it to the top of search engines.

The process is relatively simple. You tell us what words you want your website to rank under in Google and we organically optimize the site to get it to the top of those rankings. As a side benefit, in getting you better search engine rankings, we would also make your website look and work better.

Contact us for more information about our search engine optimization services.



Traverse City Web Design
Michigan’s WordPress Development Experts

With over 20% of modern websites built using the WordPress content management system it is easily the most popular website framework on the web and we are very proficient with it.

While we are know many ways to construct websites, we regularly build WordPress sites and have moved many websites built on other systems onto WordPress.

We stay current on the latest WordPress APIs, plugins, development and search engine optimization techniques and administer many WordPress sites for a number of clients to keep them up to date.

We also create custom themes for every WordPress site we build. This ensures that your website doesn’t look like anyone else and functions with your business’ specific needs and goals built into the design.

If you are looking for a new WordPress website, want to transfer your website to WordPress, or if your existing WordPress website needs a search engine or aesthetic update, we can help.




Traverse City Web Design
Michigan’s Mobile Website Design Experts

We use “Responsive Web Design Techniques” to make mobile websites. Using responsive design to create a mobile website means we don’t design websites to simply work on desktops and laptops – we design websites that change shape and morph depending on which device you are viewing it on.

Almost every new website we design is mobile friendly. If you look at one of our websites on a desktop computer, it will look much different than it does on an iPhone or Android device. This is simply because the iPhone has a much smaller screen than a desktop computer, so if you want the website to be legible, it has to resize itself to work on the mobile device you’re using.

This makes for a cleaner experience when viewing the site.

We also find ourselves regularly taking non-mobile sites and making them responsive, or mobile friendly.

If you find your site isn’t looking as good as you might want on an iPhone or iPad, contact us. We can make it mobile-friendly.